Our Facilities

Our facility is perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, while still having access to all of the conveniences of modern living.

City Park

Soak the sunshine and immerse the forest-scene around you for a joy-filled day under the lush canopy of trees


A place to unwind by yourself or with loved ones, nourishing a healthy and dynamic lifestyle.

Transit Oriented Development

Enjoy effortless convenience with nearby access to MRT station, retail centers, and commercial areas, bringing all your desired amenities close to your home.

Green Loop

Embrace the serenity of nature on a lovely stroll or invigorating jog through the Jungle Boulevard and Sakura Boulevard.

Town Center

A hub of endless possibilities awaits with integrated commercial areas, F&B centres, and a meeting point. Enjoy a leisurely time where urban life is seamlessly intertwined with the beauty of nature.


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